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"Bitter Nail" is effective in preventing
"Nail biting"  &  "Thumb sucking".

"Bitter Nail" is a product that prevents "Nail biting" & "Thumb sucking" by putting on nail polish, which includes bitter component.

One of hard habits to break, even for an adult is "Nail biting".
Don't you want to stop it in childhood, where possible ? Use "Bitter Nail" and let's prevent it.
Not only nail biting, the product is also effective in prevening Thumb Sucking and accidental ingestion.
Please use it depending on your purpose.

Features of Bitter Nail

● A strong bitterness component that is listed in Guinness world records has strong deterrent. *1
● It has no irritating smells because it does not include organic solvents.
● It becomes colorless when dried.
● Since it can be washed off with lukewarm water, nail polish remover is not necessary.
● Because it does not need a nail polish remover, your nails stay healthy.
● It's safe Japanese-made.
*1. This refers to the denatonium benzoate which is used for toys to prevent accidental ingestion.

How to use Bitter Nail

Please put this product on entire nails we, and dry about 1 minute.
If you want to prolong the effect, recommend to paint every 2days.
If you want to remove this, please firmly wash with lukewarm water.
Or please take off with a cotton ball whichi is soaked with rubbing alcohol.
If it still isn't removed, please repeat the procedure described above.


Q. Can i use this for child ?
A. We recommend to use for age 4 or over.

Q. What color is it ?
A. It looks milky white, but if you paint it, it will be colorless.

Q. Does it have irritating smell ?
A. No. No irritating smell component is included in this.

Q. How long the effect will last ?
A. It depends on the situation you are using but if you want to prolong the effect, paint every two days.

Q. Does it need nail polish remover ?
A. No, It is not necessary because the product is water-soluble.

Q. How can I remove it ?
A. Please firmly wash with lukewarm water. Or please use rubbing alcohol that is commercially available in drug stores.

Q. How strong is the bitterness ?
A. Feeling of the bitterness may vary dependng on the person. However it contains swertia japonica and denatonium benzoate which is listed in Guinness world recoad as a bitterness component.


Product name / Bitter Nail Product name / Bitter Nail (large type)
Net volume / 8ml Net volume / 10ml
Country of origin / Japan Country of origin / Japan

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